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Accessing the INMS System

There are three ways to access the INMS system:

XML Interface:

The XML Interface is a dedicated link between the subscriber's system and the INMS System. This option is suitable for a large company wishing to process a large amount of transactions. The XML interface allows for the automation of back office tasks and network updates. It also enables companies to have their own database of numbers mirroring the INMS database. All XML subscribers must pass INMS certification testing before connecting to the INMS system. If you think that this is an appropriate way for your company to connect to the INMS System, please click here for the Interface Specification document. The fees associated with certification testing can be found here.

Internet Browser:

This is a cheap and effective way of accessing the INMS system via the internet. This is suitable for smaller companies who only need to process a limited amount of numbers.

The Look Only Browser:

There is also an option to use our Look Only Browser. This is the perfect solution for marketing staff and resellers who do not need access to the full system. You do not need to be an INMS subscriber to access this service. The Look Only Browser allows you to:

  • Search for available numbers using wildcards and other search criteria;
  • Quickly check the status of any number in the INMS system.

The fee for the look-only service is $1,100 per annum (incl GST).

If you would like to sign up for the INMS Look Only service, please follow this link for the 13/1800 Look Only contract.

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